Power Sector

MKL BAU specializes in the development of facilities dedicated to power sector. We offer a variety of construction products supply and assembly services.

Power sector is the main pillar of company operations abroad


Our steel structures are used in projects pursued in the power industry. We provide supply and assembly services across Europe. In addition to steel structures, we offer design services, supply and assembly of cladding, and installation of technological equipment.

Competencies and experience


Our services comprise steel structure, cladding and technological equipment assembly in the following sectors:
  • Biomass fired power plants

  • Waste to energy power plants

  • Flue gas treatment

  • Fuel and ash conveyors

  • Pulp and paper mills

440 thousand man-hours

on site in 2022

MKL BAU offers assembly services across Europe

We operate across Europe

We are most active in the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, and Austria. But we also perform contracts in other European Union member states.


executed assembly projects across Europe

We offer:

  • design, delivery and erection of building steel structures, various technology support structures, pipe-bridges, walkway platforms
  • design, delivery and erection of wall and roof cladding
  • assembly of technological installations, such as e.g. conveyor systems, ducts, filters, filters, cooling systems
  • execution of smaller projects, such as renovations or extensions


Bruck, Austria


Laveyron, France


Helsinki, Finland


Wörth, Germany


Västeräs, Szweden


Sorø, Denmark

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