Certificates and Innovations

The quality policy at MKL BAU underpins the development of our business objectives. Since it is precisely outlined and transparent to all members of the organization, it improves understanding of the company’s operating strategy, mission, goals, and tasks.

01 -

Factory Production Control

Our aim is to deliver production processes that meet high requirements arising under the binding European standards, whilst satisfying the needs of our Customers.

To this end, we closely monitor all production processes. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality structures, whilst focusing on employee safety.

02 -

Integrated Management System

We have implemented an integrated management system which facilitates company processes.

Our objective is for social responsibility awareness to permeate all aspects of MKL BAU’s operations. The development of long-term social and business relations is an important part of our development strategy.

03 -

Occupational Health and Safety

We are dedicated to compliance with safety principles in our daily operations, as it is key for the protection our lives and health.

Given the comfort of our employees, we are committed to providing top quality employment conditions. Our Siedlce office staff members operate on a flexible schedule, thanks to which they can reconcile professional, private, and family life.

04 -

Environmental protection

It is the policy of MKL BAU that our business is operated in an environmentally responsible manner.

We support technological solutions that reduce emissions. We ensure that the volume of printed documents is kept to a minimum, whilst focusing on electronic systems. In addition, we run construction works having due regard for relevant legislation.

05 -


Dynamic development in Poland and Europe are not the only goals of MKL BAU.

We not only invest in modern technical solutions but also implement our own patents. Our aim is to optimise the production process by shortening it and making it more environmentally friendly.

The first registered patent involves the process of manufacturing and protecting steel structures with polyester coatings. During said process, the steel structure undergoes ultrasonic vibrations created by the ultrasonic transducer attached to the steel structure.

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